Make mine a mezcal (with worm and a slice)

It is hard convincing people that the most enjoyable drinking experience you’ve had all year was under a kebab shop drinking a hitherto unknown Mexican spirit while eating a slice of ­orange with crushed-up worm and some spicy salt on it. But there it is. I was a mezcal bore after barely two trips down the stairs to Mezcaleria Quiquiriqui, under the The Golden Grill on London’s Hackney Road.

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Mezcal Brands Found in the U.S.


I’am always trying to keep up with, keep track of, and ingest as much of, the mezcal brands that I can find in the U.S. It is hard to stay on top of the new brands coming to market, and it can also be hard to find some established brands. I probably buy most of my mezcal online, though there are a few notable liquor stores in NYC, like Astor Wines, which carry a bunch of premium mezcals (they even have a Mezcal section at Astor!).

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San Francisco’s Anchor Distilling Company introduces Mezcal Amarás to the United States. Translated as ‘you will love’ in Spanish, Mezcal Amarás is hand-crafted by a collaboration of 5 master mezcaleros in the village of San Juan del Río in Oaxaca, Mexico. Mezcal Amarás reflects more than 400 years of traditional production techniques, and is made exclusively from locally farmed ingredients.

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